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T140 Bonneville & TR7 Tiger

buyers guide

Softcover: £9.99

If you're looking for a practical British classic bike,

the Triumph T140 Bonneville and TR7 Tiger (and derivatives) are still better value than anything else on the market—and there are plenty around. This 68-page, full-colour A5 buyers guide is packed with advice and insight helping ensure that you make the right decisions if and when you decide to buy. But if you already own one, you might still find lots of useful information about the greatest Meriden Triumph of all.
It's a great little "feelgood" book, whatever that means to you. In fact, we think it's the best of its kind anywhere.





BSA Golden Flash

eBook: £4.99

The BSA A10 Golden Flash is arguably the most

practical and most durable BSA that Small Heath ever built. We created this little eBook homage in response to feedback to our online buyers guide—which continues to rack up hits worldwide. It's available only as an eBook, and is packed with large, full-colour images detailing one of the biggest guns in the Birmingham Small Arms arsenal.



Pioneer Run

eBook: Free download

What's it all about? It's a photoshoot of the world's greatest veteran motorcycle run with poetry and quotes from

 Ixion to John Masefield to William Shakespeare to William Wordsworth. It's unique (as far as we know) and has been downloaded thousands of times from both the Sump website and the website of the Sunbeam Motor Cycle Club.

Think of it as poetry in motion. It's a treat.

Sorry, but it's not available in hardcopy.


eBook: Free download

We had a few extra snapshots left over when we wrote our BSA B50 buyers guide, so we decided to put them in a little eBook to supplement the feature. It's not a very large publication and, like all our eBooks, can operate as a screen saver. Maybe we'll enlarge upon it sometime and put it into print. But for now, it's an electronic publication only.



eBook: Free download

This one is for motorcyclists interested in military bikes.

 It didn't come out quite the way we intended, however. We wanted more bikes, but other stuff got in the way, such as quotes, thoughts, poems, insights. This eBook won't suit everyone, but we like it and wanted to share it. It's an .exe file, and that means it's a self-running program. So in theory, if you download it, it could run riot on your computer and infect it with AIDS and seep out and murder your family while you sleep. Except that it won't. We don't do stuff like that, and you either believe us or you don't. Note too that this isn't available for Macs. Yes, that's a pain, but this was created with old tech and it just won't work. So it's a PC or nothing.

Hope you get something from this publication.






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