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This the second edition of these Bobber T-shirts, and they're different from edition one which were printed on grey. Why the change? Well, we received numerous email enquiries asking if we had these tees on black. So eventually we relented and changed the colour (ya gotta keep the customer satisfied, are we right?). Anyway, these shirts sell fast. The new batch is here, but they won't last long. To get yours while it's going, click on the image or the button below. You never know when the production fairy will call it a day...



Your trip starts here









Feeling the years?








Grouches love it








Advertising is still the name of the game. Here's how...



and classic bargain hunters look this way


These new sweatshirts from Sump are designed to give you maximum exposure on your relentless quest for whatever happens to be your holy grail, or grails, of motorcycle parts.


The sweatshirts are black. The lettering is positioned on the back only. The price is £25.99 plus P&P. Click on whichever link (immediately below) best suits your requirements and you'll be whisked away to exactly where you want to be.




Great numbers...



Triumph 865 T-shirt






Triple treat



Triumph 1050 T-shirt



Classic British tee



BSA M20 and M21 T-shirt




Star buy!























Very popular








Lost count of sales


Triumph T140 T-shirt





The real thing


Genuine Sump Magazine classic bike T-shirt





Mmm, Sumptuous








Sump'n different








BSA rider alert


Classic BSA BEEZA GEEZA T-shirt from Sump





Wear it with pride





Norton T-shirt from Sump Magazine







Like to travel?





Image matters


Vincent Black Shadow T-shirt from Sump Magazine




Get philosophical






BSA M20 T-shirt for classic bikers








We lurve numbers


69 T-shirt from Sump





Rock'n'Roll cotton


British Rockers T-shirt






Sold the lot


Norton T-shirt for classic bikers






Rockers love these












Last few in stock



Classic Royal Enfield T-shirt from Sump Magazine







Howling great tee








The law's the law









BEEZER teaser






Triple treat








Spread the word







Selly Oak's finest









Legal stuff

All Sump T-shirt designs are produced entirely by us right here in Sumpland. We're not claiming any connection with any other group, organisation, company, manufacturer, institution, body, retailer or fly-by-night-merchant. Sump T-shirts are not available anywhere else unless they're being pirated. If you've got any copyright concerns, disputes, threats or similar, fire off an email and we'll look into it when we next sober up.


"These days
I'm heavily into collecting motorcycle memorabilia. Old spark plugs boxes. Tank badges. Speedometers. Vintage pistons. Tools. Sales literature. Manuals. Anything. My life revolves around the stuff that I'm accumulating from autojumbles, or from small ads, or from online auction sites. My dad reckons I'll grow out of it, but it seems to me that I'm growing more and more into it. It's one of life's more enjoyable problems.


I collect T-shirts too, particularly tees from the 1960s and 1970s. And not just motorcycle tees, but hot rod shirts, surfing shirts, and anything with The Beach Boys on it. This Sump T-shirt (main image, left) is one of four or five that I've got, and these days it's the one I'm most likely to wear. It's simple. Cool. Instantly recognisable. And I've got a thing about motorcycle goggles which is why there's 19 vintage pairs in my collection.


We call this Sump T-shirt the
Type 2 design. It's simplified and doesn't have the goggle straps as seen on the earlier Type 1. I've got both shirts and can't decide which one I prefer. It changes from day to day, or from mirror to mirror.


We sell either type for just £14.99. But take care; they're highly addictive. Meanwhile, check out the other tees in the Sump collection. When you decide which one's right for you, place your order and we'll get it to you as fast as the postman can run. Good enough?"

— Sam

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