BSA T-shirt


We love BSAs, we own 'em,

and we ride 'em, so it was only

natural that sooner or later we'd

come up with something just like this.


We wanted an original and casual BSA design

(in line with all Sump T-shirts); a design that's easy

on the eye, cool to hang on the chest, light on the

funny bone, and not too heavy on the pocket.


So if you're the heavy duty, highly-strung, looking-for-an-early-heart-attack type, these might not be for you. But if you're the laid-back, easy-going, s'okay-by-me BSA kind of guy (or girl), we might be able to do a little relaxed business.



Price: 12.99

P&P: UK 3.00. EU 5.00. Worldwide 6.00.

Colour: Black only

Sizes (chest):

Extra large: 46 inches or 117 cm
Large: 42 inches or 106 cm
Medium: 38 inches or 99 cm
Small: 35 inches or 89 cm


Take note that we don't sell, trade, barter, or give away your private data. It's used for Sump Magazine alone. So trust us, or don't trust us. Only Sump and your undertaker will ever know how fat you really are.


We usually despatch next day, but public holidays and heavy ordering issues will inevitably slow things a little. Here's the ordering box ...

UK Delivery





Price: 12.99

P&P: 3.00 (discounts
on multiple purchases)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

Enter size(s)




Price: 12.99

P&P: 5.00 (2.00 extra for each additional T-shirt)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

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Price: 12.99

P&P: 6.00 (2.00 extra for each additional T-shirt)

Sizes: XL, L, M, S

Enter size(s)



Pay with Paypal. No account is necessary. Just use your credit or debit card. It's safe, and easy.


The word on the street


"Saw a guy wearing one of these at Stafford. Had to have one too. Very pleased with it."

Bruno, London


"I like this BSA Beeza Geeza T-shirt a lot. Got it next day too."

Sean Gallagher, Bootle, Merseryside


"I've been a Beeza Geeza for over forty years. Thought it was time I got a T-shirt to advertise it. Ta very much, Sump."

Richard Moore, Brighouse, West Yorks


"Well oiled and built to go the distance? You must have been thinking of me when you made this one. BSA riders do it"

Gary Ince, Grays, Essex


"Thanks for the tee. Well chuffed."

  D.F. Simpkin, Worcester




Legal stuff

All Sump T-shirt designs are produced entirely by us right here in Sumpland. We're not claiming any connection with any other group, organisation, company, manufacturer, institution, body, retailer or fly-by-night-merchant. Sump T-shirts are not available anywhere else unless they're being pirated. If you've got any copyright concerns, disputes, threats or similar, fire off an email and we'll look into it when we next sober up.





We only sell tees we
wear and enjoy. If you have a problem with anything you buy
from us, tell us and we'll
sort it out. Pronto.
No fuss. No arguments.

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